Automatic Drawing


It was my first time for Automatic Drawing. I did it with my son together. It was interesting for both of us. When I asked him to help me for that, he said: I don’t know how to draw. But I explained to him that he shouldn’t draw any thing and it should be automatic drawing. Honestly, first, I had no idea about this kind of drawing . But after practicing for one time, I got that It depends on our bodies movement, and as we get tired, our bodies and hands move more, consequently the pencil moves more on the paper. About first 1- 2 minutes, our pencil didn’t move at all. So, I cheated and opened my eyes a little and realized that my son put his elbows on the table. I asked him to hold his elbows above the table. Then, our pencil started moving on the paper. We drew an interesting drawn as below.


My son said it was like ship, and I was agree, it was like a boat or ship, but not much. I wanted to work on it and make more similar to a boat, but didn’t know how to it. So, I just colored it to make it better, as you see below.






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