Graffiti, Activity of week 3

This week’s activity is graffiti on the wall. As we know having graffiti is not legal everywhere, but at least we can find some places maybe close to Los Angeles, where writing graffiti is legal there. I really wanted to go to the Venice Beach which is one of the legal places for graffiti, but unfortunately, I live far from there, and because of raining, I couldn’t go. So, I decided to do that in my backyard. I got a cardboard from the Home Depot and also some spray paint, and put it in the backyard. Honestly, it was interesting for me to try it at least once, but didn’t know its really enjoyable. My son was very excited to that. So, I asked him to stay away first, and just watch what I am doing. At the beginning, I was moving my hand very slowly, so the color starts to move down on the cardboard. then after practicing for a few second, I learned that I should move my hand quickly. I really enjoyed the work. Now I understand why the street graffiti artists was waking up at the middle of night, and going on the street to do the graffiti. I am sure it should be more exciting doing with the friends at night time.







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