Activity of Week 5, Instagram Day

This week’s activity was so interesting and funny. Interesting, because although, we don’t know each other well (except a few of us), we could share and learn about each other through the technology (Instagram). We were able to share one same day of our summer with our classmates and know what day are doing during the day. Last Thursday was the Instagram day and one of the hot days this summer. So, some students including our professor took a picture of a beach which they had fun and delicious lunch there. From the food pictures, we could learn about our classmates’ nationalities and also where they are and what they do. I could recognize two of my iranian classmates through their pictures of food they had that day. I am studying for GRE test this summer. So, on Thursday, While I was suiting, I posted a picture of my laptop to show what I was doing that time. Also, I  had some friend of mine to come to our house, so I prepared a fruit tray for that evening and posted a picture of it on Instagram. My friend suggested me to take a picture of the waterfall from the backyard and I did it with the Boomerang which shows the motions. It was a good idea for that hot day I think, because as the professor said, we feel cool by looking that picture.  Then I started my GRE, and totally forgot about the 4th picture until night time. My son was reading his bedtime story that I remembered that I missed one of my Instagram pictures, so I decided to take a picture of him. I like most of the pictures my classmates posted on the Instagram, specially those from the natures and beaches. I this summer is a great opportunity to enjoy our free time while doing online homework for art 101.










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