Week 6 Activity, Landscape with a corpse

This week’s activity is kind of wired. Actually, I don’t like to die, so I prefer no even think about it. At the beginning, when I saw the topic, it seemed funny. But later, when I thought this is serious and I have to think about my own death, I became sad. Because, I didn’t like to think about this sad moment. The idea about the world after death is different for different religious. But, no matter it’s good or bad, even there is no other world after death, I don’t like to die. I like this world with all its bad and good things, with all its hardness and easiness. But anyway, I have to do this homework, otherwise I get “F” on my assignment. Oh my God, how can I think about my own death? Even, if it was optional, I cannot choose any way and situation to die. But, wait. Here, this ride in County Fair in San Diego was very fun yesterday. It was called Slingshot. I like the excitement, so maybe this is a best time to die on top of this ride when you are upside down, and you get hard attack because of this horrible and highest excitement.


But right now, there is another think that really kills me, and it is GRE test preparation. This is really hard, and I have never had this much hard course and test in my life. I don’t even know just one vocab in its verbal questions. Gosh, how can I get a good score, when even the native students don’t know most of these vocabularies?

IMG_4243.jpg          IMG_4244.jpg



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