Week 9 Activity,Cuisine


I chose cuisine for this week’s activity. As we know, we can mix any food stuff together to have a new food. But, the important here is that not only it should have the body needs, but also at the end it should have a good taste and appearance to eat. One of the persian foods that I haven’t cooked of a long time is called Koo Koo Sabzi. I know its name is funny. When my son asked me what I was making, he laughed a lot for its name. The reason I don’t make this food is my son’s allergy for the egg. This food is made of vegetables, eggs, flour, salt and turmeric, walnuts, barberry; and at the end it looks like a vegetable cake. The good thing that happened today for me is that I decided to try this food for my son for the first time. I did this because recently I made a cake, which has egg in it, and gave him some and he was ok. Fortunately, he was ok after eating this food too. Now, I don’t know how much we can trust to the allergy tests. Although, I am happy to see my son can eat the foods with egg, I am sad too because of believing in allergy test for a long time (7 years) and not giving him an important protein source like egg.



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