Week 10 Activity, Art Care Package

I decided to exchange my art care package with Deanna. While I was doing this activity, I learned some about her interested, her major, which is close to my major in CSULB, and the area she lives. In this ACP, I included a big seashell. I remember my grandpa had the same seashell when he was alive and he was using it as an ashtray. SO, wherever I see this kind of seashell, it reminds me for my grandpa. Also, I put a travel package from Turkish airline, which I got it when I was traveling to my country and I thought she may likes it. The last thing I had it in my ACP was a key holder, which is made of the wood ans it has a design on it. I got it from my country.Untitled 2.png

The art care package is different than a snapchat. Because the snapchat is more spontaneous, but the ACP takes a while to think, plan, prepare and send. Also, for the art care package, you think about the person’s personality, status and situation that you want to share your package with. But, it is not the same in snapchat.

Ephemera is more valued to the person that have a memory of it, and it gains more and more value over time. If we share it with someone, we can explain what is the memory behind it and how we feel about it. They may understand or imaging that, but I don’t think that other people can have the same feeling as us. The ticket or whatever from half century ago is more valuable to me, and I can find out many things from that time. For example, the price ranges, the materials, the rules,…. I have somethings like my memory book, the first plane ticket when I came in U.S, and some hand made arts from my middle school time. They are not memories just for me, I think they will be more valuable and interesting for my grand children too.

I think there are differences between the arts that many people can see in the museum and the art is seen by few people. For example, some art is seen by a few experts; and they are not understandable by everyone. So, they have a different value for different people. Or, The ACP I receive from someone is more valuable for me, because I know the person that sent this art to me, was thinking about me or in the better words, I was important for him/her that he/she decided to send something to me.

Sending an art care package to someone takes more time compare to sending a snapchat, so it is more valuable. Snapchat is sending through a technology, but to send an ACP, beside the sender, other people like postman, people are working in post office,…are involved. They all spend energy, time, money,…, so I think all these increase its value.

Preparing a meal with love is different than preparing the same meal fast. When you make afood for someone is important to you, you spend a longer time, with more effort, and try to make it as best as you can. Because you don’t think that food is just to make that person full. But you think you prepare a food for him/her to enjoy eating.

In order to prepare an art package we need more time and special care. So, it can’t be the same as snapchat, which is fast and doesn’t require a special care.






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