Venessa Blaylock

Venessa Blaylock has B.S in chemical engineering from North Carolina State University and her master is Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Georgetown University. I don’t know how this is related to avatar and art. But, she is known as an artist, who creates avatar in the virtual world. Since 2015, she works in google company as a Strategic Planning and Business Management Professional. I have a bachelor in chemistry and I really can’t understand how she came up with avatars and art if we agree she is an artist.


She creates avatar which is more similar to a real character in the virtual world. She also, creates an avatar from herself. The avatar is more similar to a mask, which someone wears to hide herself/himself’s personality behind it; or, someone wears that to express herself/himself by using it. About Vanessa, some people believes that she creates an avatar of herself to express herself, or to show the life in a way that she liked to live. If this is correct, we can say that by using the avatar, she does everything that she would like to do but because of the limiting in real world she cannot do.



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