Mahsa Soroudi


Mahsa Soroudi is an artist from Iran. She was born in 1981 in tehran, and studied Photography and graphic design in Islamic Azad University of Tehran in 2004- 2008. She moved to U.S on 2012. She created 7500 miles web site, which she mentions on that: This website is a physical exhibition and this exhibition will not play the exotic card to win the sympathy of a Western audience, but will focus on universal themes that women experience in their lives, beyond being mothers, wives, and daughters. on women’s inspirations, intimate moments, frustrations and confusion, vulnerability, and sense of alienation they go through while engaged in each of these roles.


She also works on plants and flowers. As she says the plants even those are almost dead, are fighting for life and they extend their roots in the new places to begin a new lives. So, after she moved to U.S and got homesick for a while, she used these plants inspiration of being strong and patient, to start a new life in the new place.



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