Week 12 Activity, Street Photography

For my last activity I preferred to design a web site for myself, but unfortunately couldn’t. The reasons I couldn’t make it was the lack of time because creating a good web site needs a long time to work on it; also, being sick for a few days. So, I decided to do one of the past activities that was interesting and fun more me. I had the street photography for first time  in my life and I found it more fun and interesting. This time I decided to take some pictures of little children, and also some young and even old people who are doing something on their cellphone all the time.




The reason I decided to take pictures of people having cellphones is our discussions on art- Talk this week (Millennial). I was in Irvine spectrum watching and taking photo of people around. I found that everybody is watching or doing something in his/her phone all the time. You could rarely see somebody that didn’t have cellphone on his/her hand.

IMG_5631.JPG          IMG_5628.JPG


I also, decided to walk to the apple store and book store (barns and noble) to see people’s preferences between these two. Not surprisingly, I saw a lot of people in apple store watching, trying, searching the electronic products, and almost nobody in the book store. Even in the CD and DVD section, I didn’t see any interested people around. There was a good seal on movies and DVD’s, but nobody even look at them.




So, there is an important question here that I don’t have an answer;  Which way these technology take us. I just remember the Albert Einstein’s quote: “I fear the day when the technology overlaps with our humanity. The world will only have a generation of idiots.”




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